The Imaskari vengeance taker is a special prestige class of the deep Imaskari, a race of humans that live in the Underdark. Devoted to law, justice, and revenge, the vengeance takers use a combination of techniques involving magic and investigative skills to track down targets. Few beings are as cold and emotionless as these men and women, all of whom may challenge an assassin in terms of downright deadliness and mercilessness.

This secret society is officially called the Lodge of the Retributive Masters, though very, very few know of its existence. It uses contacts that breaches many races and many outlooks in order to keep eyes and ears available for its vengeance takers. These contacts are considered under the Lodge's protection, meaning that any attacks against these contacts regardless of their own alignment will send the Lodge into a cold rage of vengeance.

Abilities Edit

Target of Vengeance
An Imaskari vengeance taker can observe their target and understand how their target's thoughts work. They have an easier time manipulating and controlling the reactions of her target.
Farsense, Seeker, Scry Target
An Imaskari vengeance taker can cast spells that can scry, divine, and look upon a target from a long distance away. No target has been able to flee an Imaskari Vengeance Taker without very drastic measures due to this skill at magical investigation.
Death Attack
An Imaskari vengeance taker can observe their target and discover weak holes in the target's defenses. A brutal stealth attack follows that may instantly kill the target.

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