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Imbralym Skoond was a wizard in Baldur's Gate in 1479 DR.[1]


Imbralym dreamed about the immense wealth he could amass with his magic power. He was an amoral but charming individual.[1]


Imbralym was a dancing master in Athkatla before he discovered his talent for magic. Soon, he went left home to start his new career. Arriving in Baldur's Gate in search of a rich sponsor, Imbralym soon attracted the interest of Grand Duke Torlin Silvershield, who, after proving his suitability, made him one of his subordinates. Duke Silvershield also appointed Imbralym as a member of the Parliament of Peers, and he became his lapdog ever since.

In 1479 DR, Imbralym was involved in the crisis that culminated in the resurrection of Bhaal.[1]




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