Immaero Sraunter was an alchemist in Suzail.[1]


Around 1479 DR, Manshoon managed to discover his hidden secrets and enslaved Sraunter to do his bidding. He ordered the alchemist to release into the city five death tyrants.

Later Manshoon magically send Srauner inside the sieged Stormserpent Towers.[1]

In 1480 DR he was dealing with Lord Danthalus Blacksilver.

Later Manshoon decided to use Sraunter as him main body.

However later Manshoon was scrying thank to the body of Jarlin Flamtarge inside Castle Irlingstar but at last Rorskryn Mreldrake discovered him and using his new magic power made the head of Manshoon exploded.

However was Sraunter that died and Manshoon just transferred himself in the body of Ondrath Everwood.[2]


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