Imps are vicious, manipulative fiends that make up the least powerful ranks of the infernal legions. An imp is a minor non-Baatezu devil. They serve as tempters and lackeys to mortals whom devils want groomed to the side of evil. Imps delight in the opportunity to leave Hell and tempt a mortal to evil. Many evil spellcasters can be found with an imp in their company, serving as a "familiar."

In addition to serving more powerful devils or evil spellcasters, imps were found in service to Deep Duerra, the duergar goddess.[2]


Although they can alter their form into that of any tiny animal, an imp normally appears as a tiny, red-skinned humanoid with a pair of black wings and a long tail ending in a poisonous stinger, containing a deadly poison. An imp stands about 2 feet tall and weighs only 8 pounds.


Imps frequently act as manipulators in mortal lands, tempting the greedy, gullible or foolish into Lawful Evil acts so as to corrupt them, ensuring a continuous supply of souls for their lords in the Nine Hells. While physically weak compared to some lesser Devil forms (those lower down the form hierarchy), lower Devils relish the chance to be promoted to Imp because successfully tempting mortals into evil is one of the surest paths to further promotions.


Bloodbag impEuphoric impFilth impShadow imp

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