Prince Imphras IV was a prince of Impiltur and the husband of Queen Sambryl.[2]


Imphras was the only son[3] of traitorous Thaum of Telflamm and the great-grandson of Imphras II. He was the rightful male heir to the throne after Rilimbrar. Because of this, he was forced to marry the daughter of Rilimbrar, the wizardess Sambryl, his second cousin.[2] Theirs was only a formal marriage, and the "relationship" remained platonic.[3]


Imphras IV was born in 1277 DR.[2] Sometime after the Year of the Deep Moon, Imphras' father, Thaum, took him and his army to Filur and took the throne of Impiltur by force, sending King Rilimbrar and his regent, Kuskur, who was also Imphras' grandfather, into exile.[3]

Prince Kuskur, however, sought the aid of Queen Ilione of Aglarond and her apprentice, the Simbul, who restored the throne to Rilimbrar. With his father slain by the Simbul, Imphras IV tried to hold the throne, but by 1296 DR, he was placed under house arrest.[3]

Since Rilimbrar had only daughters, Imphras IV was technically the crown prince. Rejecting the advice of his advisors to have Imphras IV executed for his part in the earlier treason, in 1336 DR,[4] Rilimbrar instead forced the prince to marry his much younger eldest daughter, though during the time of this marriage, he never left house arrest.[3]

In 1338 DR, Imphras died in a fire that also killed his father-in-law, the king, so he never ruled. Sambryl, his wife in name, took the throne as regent.[2]



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