Queen Imreera Hethkantan was the queen of Gontal as of 1479 DR. By popular account, she seemed more interested in the ruins of the Glaur Barrens than in ruling her own kingdom, and many believed the families of the Twelvefold to be the real power of Gontal. However, that was a facade created by Queen Imreera to mislead her enemies.[1]


Queen Imreera was a wizard of modest talent and inherited wealth who ruled her kingdom with a cunning demeanor.[1] She also had the ability to see into the future through visions and dreams.[2]

She used her most loyal agents to hire third-party specialists to thwart the plots of the Twelvefold families while keeping those families at odds, and the specialists never knew they were hired by the Queen herself. She also had a group of loyal spies who kept her informed of noteworthy events in the kingdom. Publicly, Queen Imreera expressed great interest in the ruins of the Glaur Barrens, and she openly hired adventurers and explorers willing to brave the ruins in the hopes of uncovering treasures and ancient lore.[1]


Queen Imreera was the grandniece of Prince Nathur Hethkantan, ruler of the Dominion of Bone.[3]


In 1479 DR, after having had visions about the potential awakening of the primordial Cirotralech, and after having confirmed her fears with Yulis the Fortune Teller, Queen Imreera summoned a group of adventurers to her palace and tasked them with the mission to thwart Rathloff's attempts to awaken the slumbering primordial.[2]


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