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The school of incantation contained spells that targeted magic itself and the way of casting it.[1] Like other schools of effect, it thus grouped spells not like the traditional nine schools of magic based on their philosophy, but on what they affected.[note 1][1][2] The schools of conjuration/summoning, illusion/phantasm, invocation/evocation and necromancy were considered opposed to incantation.[3]

Specialists in this school, called incantatrixes (or incantatars), were exceedingly rare. None were known outside of western Faerûn.[3]


Incantation spells could be divided into four groups:

  • Banishment: These spells were meant to send back magically summoned creatures.[1]
  • Disruptive: Spells of this kind targeted magic already in place or the ability of another magic-user to cast spells.[1]
  • Metamagic: These were spells that influenced the effectiveness of other spells, e.g. by changing their reach, area or intensity.[1][4]
  • Shielding: These were spells intended to protect a caster from another's magic.[1]


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  1. Cult of the Dragon does not call incantation a "school of effect", a term from Player's Option: Spells & Magic, but it fits the definition there.


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