Indigo Twynight was a noble elven wizard who was a member of the Elven Court.[1]


Fair-skinned and brown-haired, Indigo wore a hooded and voluminous blue robe.[1]


She was a skilled conciliator and was often tasked with settling court disputes.[1]


Indigo owned a crystal ball, as well as a ring of spell turning.[1]


Despite her young age, Indigo was admitted to the Elven Court on account of her noble heritage. Indigo hoped to become the primary court wizard one day, and was generally considered to have a bright future ahead of her.[1]



  1. It is not made clear exactly which Elven Court Indigo was part of, but it can be assumed the source text refers to the Elven Court institution found in Myth Drannor, not the long-abandoned settlement known as the Elven Court.


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