Indrizil was a female drow priestess of Lolth from Cormanthor.[1]


As a priestess of Lolth, Indrizil once had the favor of Lolth. However, during the Silence of Lolth, Indrizil had lost her powers like others of her kind.[1]


Indrizil had a close relationship with Rhavauz, a cousin who resided in Szith Morcane after fleeing Maerimydra in 1372 DR.[1]


Before the Silence of Lolth in 1372 DR, Indrizil had been a priestess in the favor of Lolth and lived in Cormanthor. By Marpenoth of 1372 DR, Indrizil had been in correspondence with her cousin, Rhavauz, a guard officer who had converted to the cult of Kiaransalee after the fall of Maerimydra.[1]




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