Inner dragons are specialized dragonborn fighters who train themselves to unleash their draconic heritage as martial power. These individuals nurture the raw fury of their ancestry into an impressive fighting style, manifesting draconic attributes as they grow in experience and power. Whether acquiring these powers through training by others or personal discovery, inner dragons are a fearsome foe to behold.[1]


Inner dragons hone their body, spirit, and mind to further their inherent abilities as distant kin of the dragons. Much like dragon disciples they acquire more and more draconic qualities over time, though they do this through physical training rather than magic. Inner dragons manifest their dragon breath more commonly than most dragonborn, sometimes even twice in the same battle, and over time train it to become more potent and long-lasting. Inner dragons also refine the innately powerful fury of their race, turning their own pain into a source of power.[1]

With enough training, inner dragons manifest powerful exploits. Their own draconic blood becomes a weapon, scalding enemies who are splashed by it. With the ancestral manifestation exploit this same blood to transform themselves into a durable avatar of draconic might, though at the cost of their health. The most experienced and powerful dragonborn also learn a technique, known as dragonbreath strike, which enables them to use their breath weapon every melee attack they make for a short period of time.[1]


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