Iorn Ludwakazar was a dwarf king of the Ludwakazar clan in the Earthspur Mountains.[1]


Iorn was a shrewd but stubborn ruler. With death near, he understood the futility of his sibling feud and he yearned to reconcile with his brother.[1]


Iorn lived with his brother Bhùn Ludwakazar and the rest of his clan in the Earthspur Mountains, acting as custodians of the mystical Chamber of Falling Stones.

In his youth, he had a bad argument with his brother about a sword they had found hidden in the mine. In the end, Bhùn was exiled. In time, Iorn had a daughter, Lherzona Ludwakazar.

In 1491 DR, after a recent mining excavation by miners from Mulmaster, a medusa and her gargoyle minions took control of the Chamber. In a battle, King Iorn was mortally wounded. Lherzona and the others remained to await the death of Iorn, keeping out intruders. Then an adventuring party hired to clear the mine arrived.[1] After the adventurers solved the matter, Iorn finally died and Lherzona was crowned queen of her people. Iorn also had the chance to reconcile with Bhùn thanks to the adventurers.[2]




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