Ipswitch was a human patron of the Elfsong Tavern in Baldur's Gate around 1372 DR.[1]


Ipswitch was the father of at least one child.[1]


Ipswitch came to the city because he wished to visit the Shrine of Suffering run by the priests of Ilmater. His purpose in visiting the shrine was to pay his respects to his brother, who had been buried in the crypts along with a family medallion Ipswitch wished to retrieve. The medallion was intended to be passed through his family's generations and he sought to give it to his child. However, the shrine was closed and no one answered his summons.[1]

Since his visit to Baldur's Gate, all he could do was drink and wait for the shrine to reopen. Seated at a table near the Elfsong Tavern's entrance, Ipswitch greeted the adventurers Adrianna, Vahn, and Kromlech. He welcomed the trio's company and asked what brought them to Baldur's Gate. After hearing of the trio's misfortune with thieves during their arrival, Ipswitch offered his sympathies and mentioned that he was also a stranger in town, explaining his own troubles.[1]

Once the trio completed their mission in the catacombs beneath Baldur's Gate and returned with Ipswitch's medallion, he rewarded them by giving them his mace.[1]




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