Irixis the Sorcerorb was a powerful elder orb beholder spellcaster of Ooltul in 1370 DR[1] and 1372 DR.[2]


Irixis officially acted as an assistant to Scalmarael the Sage, a phaerimm and member of Triumvirate that ruled Ooltul. Secretly, it conspired to undermine the phaerimm and install a new regime, with itself in command. Irixis had many contacts in Teshendale among exiled beholders but spent at least as much time foiling the plots of its rival exiled beholders as trying to destroy the phaerimm. In truth, the Triumvirate knew all about its schemes and permitted it to act only because it amused them.[1] In 1372 DR, however, Irixis, this time actually unknown to the phaerimm, devised a revolutionary plot using a slave revolt led by former orc captain Kronnak Eyebiter.[2]



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