Iron Dragon Mountain was a mountain in the Earthfast Mountains of north Faerûn, between Impiltur and the Vast. It was a legendary hidden peak and home to greatest temple of Deneir in the Realms.[1]


The mist dragon Ouranalathra the Mistmaiden once laired at the mountain, before she moved to the Lake of Mists in the Endless Wastes. Afterwards, it gained the name of "Iron Dragon Mountain".[2]

Afterwards, it gained the name of "Iron Dragon Mountain" and became the site of the Master's Library, a temple of Deneir with the greatest collection of books in the world.[1][2]



It is implied that the mountain is named for Ouranalathra. This is explained in George Krashos's unpublished, non-canonical article, Ouranalathra, "the Mistmaiden", which tells the history of Ouranalathra and the Master's Library.


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