As the name suggests, iron golems are constructs made entirely out of iron. These iron behemoths are very powerful due to their magic immunity, poisonous breath attack, and the fact that they can take a hero's head off with a swipe of their arm. These near-invulnerable guardians are often stationed as sentries and guards for wizards and powerful clerics, usually to guard treasures hoards.

Whereas most other golems are created as guards, iron golems are usually created as mindless soldiers of war. These behemoths are unstoppable engines of destruction. They wade into melee with powerful blows from their fists and expel a corrosive poisonous gas onto the battlefield.

Iron golems were not only used by mortals; the gnome god Flandal Steelskin also sent them to the Material Plane to do his bidding.[3]


The most basic iron golem appears to be massive suit of heavy plated armor in a general humanoid form. Some golem crafters take special delight in their work and will fashion a mold for their iron golem before pouring in the magically treated molten iron. The average iron golem is about 12 feet tall and weighs 5,000 pounds.



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