The Isle of Jagged Teeth was an island in the Sea of Fallen Stars, notable for its many underwater caves. It was home to a tribe of sahuagin who were intent on exploring an ancient demon temple below the island around 1479 DR.[1]


Wave-battered and barely reaching above the sea, the Isle of Jagged Teeth was home to many caves, particularly along its south face. Sea birds used the Isle as a rookery, but tended to avoid the cave mouths. Below sea level were even more caves, home to multitudes of red and yellow saltwater fish who darted among the corals and seaweed.[1]


The Teeth of Karkusal, a sahuagin tribe led by the baron Karkusal, made the Isle of Jagged Teeth their home. Whilst exploring the caves below, Karkusal discovered an ancient demonic temple. The structure called out to the sahuagin leader in his dreams, tempting him with visions of great power should he free the demon lord laying dormant within the temple. Although suspicious, Karkusal set his tribe to the cautious, methodical work of exploring the temple. The exploration process was severely slowed due to the temple's interior metal doors opening and closing seemingly at random, sometimes trapping sahuagin explorers long enough for them to die of starvation. While Karkusal pursued his ambition, his tribe sustained itself by preying on passing merchant ships.[1]

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