The Isle of Quelthiir, also known simply as Quelthiir or Passion Island[2],[1] was an island that separated the Luirenstrand bay from the open waters of the Great Sea off the coast of Luiren.[3]


The Isle of Quelthiir was located off the southern coast of Luiren, a straight shot southeast from Shoun. It separated the Luirenstrand bay from the open waters of the Great Sea.[3]


The island was 100 miles long and 10 miles wide. It appeared to be a large sandbar, with low hills and sea grass with only the occasional stunted tree. In part because of its location and low elevation, periodic storms from the ocean beat down on it.[1]

Rumors and legendsEdit

It was said that pirates, led by Jape "One-Eye" Belson, buried a fortune of pearls and silver in a heavily protected vault somewhere on the island.[1]


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