Islif Lurelake (pronounced: /ˈɪslɪffISS-liff[2]) was one of the original Knights of Myth Drannor in 1358 DR.[1]


Islif was born in the village of Espar to the trader Buckman Lurelake. She was tutored in the way of sword by the old warrior and hunter Skuldi Wolfspear. Islif went to search of fortune with Florin Falconhand, Doust Sulwood, and Semoor Wolftooth.

Later, Doust asked her to marry him when he was nominated Lord of Shadowdale and she agreed, serving her husband as captain of the militia and giving birth to a son, Jhaok Sulwood, while fighting against drow, Zhentarim, and Lashan Aumersair. When Doust retired and gave the lordship to Mourngrym Amcathra, she and her family retired to Arabel to live quietly.[1]



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