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The Issacortae people inhabited the western part of the wild lands of Ama Basin in Kara-Tur.[1]


The barbaric Issacortae were medium build and muscular with black curly hair. Tribes of Issacortae hunters and gatherers wandered from one place to another chasing herds of deer and other animals. Agriculture was practically nonexistent and fishing was little applicability. Many Issacort enjoyed dancing, singing, and running.[1]


The weapons used by the tribes were usually axes, bows, spears and clubs.[1]


Ruled by their king, the Issacort were the most civilized tribe union in northern lands. The Issacortae were not one tribe, but a union of many tribes who obeyed the king. Each tribe was ruled by a chieftain, a diplomat, and military commander. The eight tribes formed a union that followed the laws of their High King and High Queen.[1]


Usually religion had a very large impact on the tribes. They commonly practiced animism and shamanism. Shamans could be both men and women. Shamans often were treated with great respect and awe around the population.[1]



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