Isthana Ro was the guild master of the Rogue's Guild in Hillsfar.[1]


Isthana managed the Rogue's Guild, the official thieves' guild of Hillsfar.[1]


During the Rage of Demons in 1491 DR, Isthana agreed to work with the Harpers in order to arrange a political change in the city's politics. She helped to smuggle an adventuring party hired by Elanil Elassidil into the city using the sewers. She told the adventurers about the First Lord's Midsummer Masquerade ballet.[1]

Spies had reported to Isthana that some agents from Maerimydra had infiltrated the First Lord's court. It was also reported that the Lord was planning a rare trip outside of the city walls for a trade meeting with Damaran leaders in the city of Yûlash.[2]


Isthana was very smart and cared only about her guild. However, she also had amazingly acute business sense and the ability to think ahead. Isthana decided that supporting the Harpers was the best for her guild, instead seeing Torin Nomerthal as the biggest problem in the city.[1]




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