Ivor Beguine served as a sailor on the pirate ship Orcsblood.


In 1460 DR, Ivor and his friend Gareth Jadaren became disgusted with the brutality of their captain and abandoned ship near Mulmaster. They chanced upon two devas and gave them the location of the Orcsblood and the devas attacked and destroyed the ship. While in Mulmaster, Ivor met a young apprentice mage named Jandi M'baren and the two fell in love.[1]

Ivor traveled south with Jandi and Gareth toward Turmish. Along the road, they passed the abandoned dwarven stronghold known as Giant's Fist and Gareth became convinced the location would be ideal to settle in.[1]

However, the former first mate of the Orcsblood, Helgre, had tracked the trio and killed Jandi in revenge for Gareth and Ivor's betrayal. Ivor went on to found the powerful Beguine merchant family in Turmish.[1]


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