Izhkin was a derro rogue also known as "Lord of the Dark".[1]


He seemed incomprehensible and was content with great acts of violence to keep ruling his realm.[1]


He had an assistant by the name of Golgamann who only spoke to him.[1]


Claiming to be Lord of the Dark and a ruler of a realm, he appeared as an assassin or thief who had no problem threatening others to speak too well of him.[1]

With a talent for traversing the Underdark, he could be a good if untrustworthy guide. He was skilled with his blades and used venom on them. He had contacts in the black markets of the Underdark, which made him able to gain many items that others would not touch.[1]



Izhkin will appear as a companion in the upcoming Sword Coast Legends video game.


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