Jade Gate Spring was a small town located along the Dragonwall bordering the Hordelands and Kara-Tur.[1]


The gate through the Dragonwall in this town led to the Horseshoe Temple Oasis and Merket Oasis. Jade Gate Spring was heavily fortified on all sides.[1]


Many caravans used this town as a starting point during the past, but recent years saw the town activity fade.[1]

During the threat from Yamun Khahan, the magistrate of Jade Gate Spring ordered that all of the barbarians living outside the walls were to be killed. He deemed it better to be safe than sorry. Many of these barbarians escaped and later served the Khahan as scouts and spies. The corrupt magistrate used seized funds to create his own mercenary army.[1]


Most of the inhabitants of Jade Gate Spring were Shou, but some barbarians from the Hordelands were also allowed. A tiny colony of korobokuru lived in isolation within the town as well.[1]



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