Jaerathindryl, or "Malachite", was a wyrm-aged female green dragon who laired in the forests south of Mulmaster in the lands of the Moonsea in north Faerûn.[2][1]


By 1369 DR, Malachite was waging a feud with the much younger black dragon Velvet, who lived in the Flooded Forest to the south. Velvet sought to move in on Malachite's territory.[2][3]

Malachite still lived by 1374 DR.[1]


Malachite was supported by a Cult of the Dragon cell based near Mulmaster. The cell was large but chaotic and divisive, struggling amongst themselves for power, wealth and Malachite's attention. They feuded with Velvet's own Cult cell.[2][3]



  • Cult of the Dragon places Malachite in the woods of Mulmaster and Velvet in the Flooded Forest, but Dragons of Faerûn's "Roll Call of Dragons" switches their locations, likely in error. This article uses the original locations.


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