Jafar al-Samal, also known as Jafar the Incomparable, was the first sha'ir in the land of Zakhara.[1]


Sometime in the far distant past, Jafar was able to negotiate with or summon gen, and he gained great magical power from these associations. The lords of the dao, djinn, efreet, and the marids became jealous of his growing power and sent armies to invade Zakhara. In response, Jafar created a powerful relic known as the Seal that subjugated all genies to the will of the (human) Zakharans as long as it was in Jafar's possession.[note 1][1]

For the rest of Jafar's lifespan, the people of Zakhara enjoyed a golden age of peace and prosperity. After his death, his students fought over possession of the Seal, causing their gen to unite and rise up against the warring students by stealing the Seal and hiding it where it would never be found.[1]



  1. This power operated similarly to the way yak-men were able to summon and command dao.


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