Jagres are extremely powerful humanoids who were created by Zaltec during the Night of Wailing. High ranking Jaguar Knights were transformed into ogres and a few were later turned into jagres. Jagres are leaders of the orcs and ogres who now live in the Valley of Nexal. They are usually found in the company of orc or ogre servants.[1]

Jagres wear magical armor made from the skin of displacer beasts which allows them to transform into the beasts. Some jagres go through a special ritual which bonds the displacer beast skin to their bodies so that it can't be removed.

Physical attributes Edit

Jagres are huge, brutish humanoids. All jagres have the mark of the Viperhand branded on their chests.

Combat Edit

Jagres may wield huge macas or engage in unarmed combat. In displacer beast form the jagre is able to attack with it's two tentacles or its claws and bite. [1]


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