Jahaka Anchorage was a pirate anchorage located in a sheltered sea cave on the western shore of Chult. The location of the anchorage was kept a secret, and every pirate who knew of it swore a blood oath to protect its secret location. Any ship that sailed within visual distance of the anchorage was attacked and chased, if necessary.[1]


The anchorage was sheltered inside a damp and echoing sea cave. It was outfitted with a pier and a ramshackle fort built from scavenged planking, old barrels, deck grates, and spars. It incorporated a warehouse where the pirates stashed their stolen loot until it could be sold, a cell where captives were held until they were ransomed or sold, and a tavern named Bosco's Bilge.[1]


Three pirate ships used Jahaka Anchorage as a haven in the late 1480s or early 1490s DR: The Emerald Eye, The Stirge, and The Dragonfang. Additionally, Bosco's Bilge, a tavern in the anchorage, was run by a man named Bosco Daggerhand.[1]


In the late 1480s or early 1490s DR, the captains in charge of the anchorage were in league with Liara Portyr of Fort Beluarian. The Flaming Fist commander gave them information about vessels sailing into and out of Port Nyanzaru and helped the pirates sell their stolen cargoes. In return, the pirates left ships flying the ensign of Baldur's Gate alone and gave commander Portyr a portion of their treasure.[1]




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