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Jahed is a weretiger who now serves his god in the Demiplane of Dread.


Jahed began life as part of a group of gypsies in the Dalelands. His parents were entertainers who stole from the people they met. His father was a cruel man who enjoyed the suffering of others and often compounded it. His mother was timid & sickly, due to her husband's near-constant abuse, starting long before Jahed was born.

When he was a teenager, Jahed started a romance with a local girl named Milissa. His father, Mercurio, noticed his frequent disappearances from camp and followed him to where the couple were meeting. Mercurio attacked his son, knocking him to the ground and proceeded to insult Milissa. When he tried to attack her too, she avoided the blow and transformed into a tiger.


Ravenloft Monstrous Compendium: Appendix II

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