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Jaka Sculi was a rash young man in the town of Auckney, nestled in the Spine of the World.[2]


Jaka was rather self-centered and felt he was better than everyone else. He "fell in love" with Meralda Ganderlay only after learning of Lord Feringal Auck's interest in her.[1] He spent a lot of time away from the town cursing his lot and life, particularly when it came to his "love." [2]


Jaka originally came from Luskan but moved to Auckney with his mother in 1365 DR. He and his mother were distant descendants of the mercenary princes of the Blade Kingdoms.[1]

Around 1369 DR, he fathered one child but died before it was born by committing public suicide by jumping off the sea cliffs while proclaiming his (insincere) love for Meralda.[1] Later, Meralda wedded the Lord of Auckney, Feringal Auck, in order to save her mother's life. The child was named Colson after being adopted by Wulfgar and Delly Curtie.[2]



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