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Jalandyl o' Stars was an agent of the Harpers who posed as a dancer at the Drunken Lion alehouse in Archenbridge.[1]


While scarred somewhat by her travels and adventures, she was easily the most attractive of the Lion's ladies.[1]


Jalandyl also possessed an incredible knowledge of the mountain areas surrounding Archendale, often selling maps of the region to explorers.[1]


Often coming to the aid of those who were harmed within the city, Jalandyl's permanence and anonymity were ensured by the twenty-thousand-gold-piece debt the owner of the Drunken Lion, Meerkun Habalar, owed her. While they neither trusted nor enjoyed each other's presence, their partnership lasted over twenty years.[1] Jalandyl and Jalia Mossgreen of the Old Stonebows Inn knew each other well, including keeping secret each other's hidden lives, while both spied for and helped one another.[1]


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