Jalaunther Ithbreeiur was the unofficial but true leader of the Shadowmasters of Telflamm in 1370.[1]


Jalaunther was a very ambitious man with a network of agents in all major cities in the Realms. His major plot was to gain total control of Telflamm then take over Thesk, Aglarond, Great Dale and possibly Impiltur.


While not the leader of the House of the Master's Shadow, the local temple of Mask in Uthmere, or of the Shadowmasters, Jalaunther was the driving force behind the guild. During Jalaunther's magic research, he discovered the unique shadow walk method used by the Shadowmasters.[1]


Under Ithbreeiur's orders, Shadowmasters defeated the pirates of the Sea of Fallen Stars that menaced Telflamm.[1]



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