The Jamal Oasis was one of the most hospitable and well known oases in the High Desert of Zakhara.[1]


The presence of a mud-brick caravanserai large enough for a small army made this oasis extremely convenient.

Enlightened travelers could worship the Zakharan gods at the Jamal temple. Though blasted by the sands of time, one carved phrase could still be read: "How can any man born of earth claim to divine true purposes of the gods?" Djinn would sometimes appear on the darkest summer nights to debate the meaning of this phrase. Any human who brought fresh apples for the djinn was allowed to join the debate. There was a chance that those with perceptive insights into the debate would be granted a wish, while those with blunt observations were slapped.[1]


The Jamal Oasis had waters so clear that travelers could count the pebbles on the bottom of the pool. Baitan-jan, a leafy eggplant, also grew here in abundance, providing an ample food source. Pack animals also feasted on the primrose-covered hills to the north of the oasis.[1]



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