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Jan Jansen was a gnome inventor, illusionist, and dishonest businessman in Athkatla.[1]


Jan could be found in the Government District Athkatla, peddling his wares, which in actuality were dangerous weapons in their own right.[1]


Like most gnomes, he was very eccentric, and loved to ramble on with stories that never got to the point. He had a habit of telling bizarre stories about his supposed relatives and the like at the drop of a hat.[1]

He liked to use his own inventions on adventures, and to sell them even though they might be illegal.[1]

He wanted to steal Boo from Minsc, and it was likely if he ever succeeded, he wouldn't live long afterwards.[1]


An expert in crossbows, Jan was capable of fashioning his own unique ammunition. His own weapon, a special crossbow entitled "Flasher Launcher" was so complicated that only he could use it. Jan was also a proficient thief.


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Jan is one of the party NPCs in Baldur's Gate II: Shadows of Amn, voiced by Jack Roth.


Computer Games


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