The jana-qitat, also called lesser winged cats or fluttercats, were smaller cousins of the jana-nimr. They were usually found within cities.[1]


These creatures looked like house cats that sported a pair of wings from their back. The color of their fur varied greatly, though medium brown with a dark face, paws, wings and tail was the rarest coloration.[1]


Similar to their larger cousins, these cats only attacked if threatened, flying through the air attempting to rake their targets. Mothers fiercely defended their young.[1]


An enclosed lair above ground was the preferred nest of a jana-qitat. They bore litters of 1–3 cubs who lived with the mother for several months before they learned how to fly. Jana-qitat had a lifespan of 20 years.[1]


Fluttercats controlled the vermin population wherever they lived. They were prized as pets and were quite loving toward a master who cared for them. Lucky wizards were known to have a fluttercat as a familiar.[1]


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