Jandi M'baren was an apprentice mage from Mulmaster whose primary skill was in setting and defeating magical wards. In 1460 DR, she met Gareth Jadaren and Ivor Beguine when they hired her master to determine the nature of a magic bracelet known as the Rythanko. She fell in love with Ivor and left her master's employment to travel with Gareth and Ivor to Turmish.[1]

While on the way to Turmish, they found an abandoned dwarven stronghold known as Giant's Fist in an extinct volcano near Erlkazar. Gareth wanted to settle down in the stronghold and he convinced Jandi to use her knowledge of wards and the Rythanko to create impregnable wards on the mountain.[1]

In 1461 DR, Gareth and Ivor's former firstmate, Helgre, tracked them to Giant's Fist and strangled Jandi, making it look as though Gareth was responsible. Upon her death, Jandi was met by an agent of Sune who offered her the choice of continuing on to Brightwater or lingering on the Prime.[1]

Over the years, the tree Jandi had died under came to be called "Jandi's Oak", and boasted a small shrine where Gareth's descendants left small offerings. Sometimes, the offerings were replaced with mysterious, well-made crafts.[1] It is not clear if the exchanges were made by a lingering Jandi, or by the vampires who inhabited the nearby woods.


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