Jang was a watchman of Marsember in Cormyr in 1486 DR.


Jang was part of a contingent of Marsember Watch and House Seasilver guards who accompanied Arietta Seasilver; Kleef Kenric, a paladin follower of the dead god Helm; and two Chosen, Malik el Sami, follower of Cyric, and Joelle Emmeline, follower of Sune, out of Marsember in order to fulfill their mission.

During their sea voyage, he was the only watchman to stay behind when all the other watchmen tried to deceive Prince Yder Tanthul and his men into believing that the Eye of Gruumsh was with them. With the shadovar busy, Kleef and the others, including Jang, assaulted the shadovar's ship, the Wave Wyvern. Afterward, Jang and the other watchmen were tasked with taking Arietta's mother, who had been the shadovar's prisoner, to safety.[1]




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