Jarhild Stoneforge was a shield dwarf fighter and a member of the Order of the Burning Dawn.[2]


Jarhild was a trained soldier who was always ready for a fight. With toughness, sturdiness, and strategic knowledge, she was a force to be feared. She had taken down orcs and even held her own against a dragon, so she was not afraid to do battle anywhere, whether it be giants or tavern patrons. When not in combat, she drank with other veterans of battle. She was also a member of the Burning Dawn as she felt it was a way to do good and get paid.[2]

She did not like to be insulted about her appearance or abilities, and she delivered great pain to the ones whom she felt should experience it. She found it very motivating to defend people she cared for, and she would feel anger if they were threatened.[2]



Jarhild will appear as a companion in the upcoming Sword Coast Legends game.


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