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Jasmine is both a spelljamming and planewalking adventurer. She is a member of Finder's Band. She is notable for her wings.


Jasmine's appearance is that of a woman in her mid to late twenties, with black hair and brown eyes. She is of Average height approximately and is quite muscular. Sprouting from her back are magical wings that change appearance depending on the plane she is in, for example they resemble greyish birdwings on the prime material plane and a leathery triangular single wing in Gehenna.

Due to the events in Finder's Bane she has come under influence of a dark-stalker persona (actually her grief and guilt combined with a slight glitch in her wings magic), in this form her skin is entirely covered in hard black feathers with a green crest on her forehead, her eyes turn green whilst her hands and feet become taloned.


Jasmine's parents were spelljamming paladins of Tymora whose last known SJ journey was from Krynn (where Jasmine was born) to Abeir-Toril.

After her parents where slain somewhere around her early teens by assassins she was for a while taken in by her relatives but fled her native Waterdeep due to guilt and grief over her parents death and took to traveling with a less then savory criminal tradesman.

After an unlikely series of events involving a thief, a fiend, a stolen baby faerie dragon and a few Tymoran priests she was given a feast in her honor for returning the baby dragon. During the feast she was taken aside by a priestess who challenged her to a game of chance that entailed that if she won she could choose her reward and if she lost her reward would be chosen for her.

Jasmine won and somewhat by accident said she wanted to be as free as a passing bird, the priestess (actually Tymora in disguise) smiled sadly and granted the wish giving Jasmine her magical wings and, as a result, a firm distrust of all the gods.

After said incident Jasmine took to spelljamming and did not return to Toril for several years. Following a narrow escape from the illithid she and her crew in their stolen ship had to set down on Toril for repairs where they where captured by Walinda of Bane. After most of her crew had been tortured to death, Jasmine was given to the cultists of Iyachtu Xvim to pay for Walinda's access to the sky temple.

Jasmine met Holly Harrowslough and Joel of Finder there and escaped with them from said temple.

After journeying to The Lost Vale, Jasmine undertook a suicide bombing run on Bane's remnant and only survived due to Finder's intervention

The cultists of Xvim caught her and turned her into a darkstalker, apparently.

Though she managed to resist the transformation somewhat she remained convinced that she had an evil creature in her, it wasn't until Emilo Haversack, whom had overheard the truth whilst eavesdropping on Tymora and Finder told her that the dalkstalker was a combination of her imagination, the disjunction of her wings magic and her bottled up grief and guilt.

She was last heard of leaving with Tymora to talk things over in Brightwater, though it's safe to assume she might still visit Joel and Holly and the saurials.


Jasmine is close friends with Joel, Holly, Emilo, Finder and Tymora. She tends to distrust most gods and their clergy, but really hates (to the point of berserk rage) Bane, Iyachtu Xvim and their loathsome clergy. She still carries incredible grief for the loss of her Spelljamming friends (not explicitly implied as possible lovers) and her parents.






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