Jauhar was the goddess of wealth of Zakhara. She was technically only a local goddess, but probably the most influential of those, as she was worshiped in a number of cities. In the Cities of the Pantheon, she was seen as a Great Goddess and took the place of Jisan there.[1]

She preached the importance of hard work to acquire riches.[1] As such Jauhar was above such concerns as alignment, as wealth could be acquired to feed the hungry or to oppress the poor.[2] Jauhar's symbol was a gold dinar.[1]

Old images showed the goddess as a beautiful dancer adorned with coins, but efforts had been made by her pantheist worshipers to destroy all such pictures as blasphemous. They instead describe her garbed in a chador, a garment covering a woman from head to foot, but with a gold dinar on her forehead.[1]

Jauhar had many worshipers among merchants and craftsmen[1] and filled a similar role in the Land of Fate as Waukeen did in Faerûn.



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