Jed, also known as Old Jed, was a fisherman who lived in Easthaven within the Ten Towns of Icewind Dale.[1]


The aged fisherman was of normal build and dressed in a yellow tunic and dark breeches.[1]


Over the years, Old Jed became a alcoholic who needed wine in order to fish the banks of Lac Dinneshere. The owner of the Winter's Cradle Tavern, Grisella refused to sell liqueur to Jed because he kept falling out of his boat while fishing.[1]


While being a drunkard, Old Jed had a kind soul and believed those who were kind to him belonged in the Eternal Brotherhood o' Fishermen.[1]


Around 1279 DR, Pomab Ak'azmjir, owner of Pomab's Emporium, refused to sell Jed any more wine, so the angry fisherman tossed the Calishite into Lac Dinneshere. In Eleasis, 1281 DR,[2] Old Jed fell out of his own fishing boat and nearly drown in the freezing waters of Lac Dinneshere until some townsfolk pulled his ashore. By Eleint of that same year, Old Jed was still barred from buying liquor from Pomab.[1]




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