Jeff Grubb is the author of several Forgotten Realms novels with his wife Kate Novak. Among these are The Finder's Stone trilogy which features the popular character Alias.



All of the following books were co-authored with Kate Novak.

The Finder's Stone trilogyEdit

  1. Azure Bonds
  2. The Wyvern's Spur
  3. Song of the Saurials

The Harpers seriesEdit

The Lost GodsEdit

Dragon magazineEdit

  • Awash in Phlogiston, Dragon #153 (January 1990)[template]
  • Dreamlands: Variant Planes of Dreams, Dragon #287 (September 2001)[template]
  • Next Stop: Eveningstar, Dragon #157 (May 1990)[template]
  • Plane Speaking: Tuning in to the Outer Planes, Dragon #120 (April 1987)[template]
  • Plane Speaking: The (Positive) Quasi-Elementals!, Dragon #125 (September 1987)[template]
  • Plane Speaking: The (Negative) Quasi-Elementals!, Dragon #128 (December 1987)[template]
  • Sounds of Wonder & Delight, Dragon #190 (February 1993)[template]
  • Wonders of the Lands of Fate, Dragon #179 (March 1992)[template]
  • Rogue's Gallery, Dragon Magazine Annual 1997

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