Jekk Ironfist was a shield dwarf acquaintance of Sir Isteval in Daggerford circa 1486 DR.[1]


Jekk was born to Kellack Ironfist, a slave-gladiator in the Hillsfar arenas, and in time he followed in his father's stead. He was saved from the arena by Isteval and the Company of the Sunlit Sea[3] but it was too late for Kellack.

Freed, Jekk joined the Company until it later disbanded. Alone for a while, Jekk reflected on his dwarven ancestry, discovering that Ironfist was the name of a true dwarven clan, not just a moniker. So he went to Daggerford, where his clan's ancestral home was situated.

In 1485 DR, in the dwarven fortress of Firehammer Hold, Jekk was captured by some duergar in service to the Red Wizards of Thay but some adventurers recruited by Isteval casually saved him. In 1486 DR, he was ready to get some payback on the Red Wizards still in Daggerford.[1]



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