Jeny Greenteeth was a green hag in the Quivering Forest near Phlan in 1489 DR.[2]


Jeny was a personification of malice and hate. She hated humanity with all her being and acted to made human lives miserable. Jeny was however also a great actress, acting like a sweet and loving grandmother.[2]


Jeny lived in the Quivering forest for a long time. She was responsible of the pact between dark fey and Cvaal Daoran that saved Phlan from the shadovars' ire in 1380 DR. She also had some arguments with Lord Protector Talaric Daoran when he sent some men to chop down some trees.[2]

When Halvin Graingle went to make a new bargain, the negotiations did not go well and she killed him.[2]

Enraged by the intermission and believing the pact totally broken, Jeny ambushed five other villagers who went to search for Halvin. She killed two of them, captured two others, and sent Rerk back with horrible injuries after torturing him. After Jeny was confronted by an adventuring party hired to find the missing people, she was at last was defeated in a fight.[3]

A few years later, Jeny intercepted an old Gur named Ozzcar who pleaded with her to help protect his family against some evil force. She declined and took the man captive, dragging him around the forest on a leash instead.[4]


Behind the scenesEdit

It is possible, but very difficult, for the players to convince Jeny to forgive the villagers and not break the pact. However, from later adventures, it is clear that the pact was broken.



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