Jeradeem was a wealthy merchant from Durpar during the 11th century DR.[1]


Since he was the most successful merchant throughout Durpar, Jeradeem was selected by the Council of Merchants to travel to Estagund with the task of settling a dispute with that nation so that trade would no longer get interrupted. Estagund was vunerable at that time, having recently been violently repelled after a failed invasion attempt into Dambrath. In retaliation, the crinti slew most of the abled-bodied men of Estagund. Famine was prevalent throughout the country, putting added pressure on their king to find a solution quickly. After days of arguing the advantages of the Durparian way of life, Jeradeem was able to "buy" the country of Estagund from its king and nobles for 24 precious gems. In exchange, Estagund was promised Durpar's protection and resources in introducing them to the way of life in the Shining Lands.[1]



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