Jeriah Chronos was born in -2207 DR in Netheril. He was known to the Netherese as Chronomancer after creating his first time-oriented spell in -2139 DR. He was a haughty and determined young man who was constantly concerned about appearances. A running joke around the arcanists was that if he ever made a mistake in public, he'd simply go back in time and correct it. Since time travel didn't work like this—a fact known by the other arcanists—such joke merely served to make the spellcaster even more self-conscious.

His concern about appearance made him always looking for potions of longevity and other aging remedies. Like many archwizards, he considered aging to be a "curse placed on the Netherese by the gods that served to prevent arcanists from discovering the source of the gods' power and usurping them."

Despite his haughty attitude toward the gods, he did care enough for the nation of Illusk to give his life to the cause. Standing nearly alone before a massive orc assault, Chronos was grievously injured and died eight years later. Had he accepted healing from the gods, he probably would have lived.[2]


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