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Jerlys Horlbar was the drow matron mother of House Horlbar in Menzoberranzan.[2]


Jerlys was a beautiful female elf with smooth long legs and she would use her feminine wiles to seduce and manipulate her victims.[3]


As a priestess of Lolth, Jerlys fought with an 8 ft (2.4 m) red three tentacle rod, which she could use with deadly force.[3] Like many drow, she wore drow chainmail.[2]


House Horlbar was the twelfth ruling house in Menzoberranzan, and Jerlys Horlbar was one of two high priestesses of Lolth, the Spider Queen.[1]

In 1357 DR[5], Artemis Entreri encountered Jerlys in the back alleyways of the drow city while he was appearing as a member of Bregan D'aerthe.[3] He didn't want to kill Jerlys, who was a cleric of Lolth, but he had to defend himself.[2] Later, Jarlaxle found out and used this information to strengthen his hold over Artemis within the Bregan D'aerthe.[6]




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