Jess Lebow (pen name T.H. Lain[1]) is a fantasy author and storyteller who has written Forgotten Realms novels including Master of Chains from The Fighters series and Obsidian Ridge from The Citadels series. He has also written other novels and short stories for Wizards of the Coast. He was World Designer and writer for NCsoft's massively multiplayer game Guild Wars and is currently the Lead Writer and Content Designer for Flying Lab Software's massively multiplayer game Pirates of the Burning Sea.[2]


Jess began writing in the third grade and his first piece of published writing was a poem entitled Lindsey has Community Hair. He wrote a literary magazine called Demos. It was around this time that he discovered Magic: The Gathering which later led to a job as editor for Magic: The Gathering novels for Wizards of the Coast.[1] He graduated from Western Washington University with a degree in creative writing.[3]

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