Jestry was a skilled zealot of Asmodeus in the service of Sylora Salm. He was in his twenties when he was turned to Lady Sylora´s closest advisor and later her champion. He has large shoulders, dark hair and brooding dark eyes.

Little is known about Jestry's past but what is known is that he once lived near a lake with his twin sisters and his mother and father the latter of which was a fisherman.

How Jestry came to become a follower of Asmodeus or so adept at combat is an unknown, but he is fearless in combat and always eager for a battle just like the rest of the zealots of Asmodeus.

After his battle prowess is revealed to Sylora after the battle of Gauntlgrym he was elevated to fill in as her champion after the desertion of Dahlia Sin'felle. As her champion he was secretly in love with her and wanted her but she denied him love stating the "Truth that they know, that which makes them strong": "There is no love, only lust." Then his mistress forced him to deny his love for her and claim that he only wanted to possess her.


After Lady Sylora decided that Jestry would live his life to kill Dahlia, she used her contact with Sovereignty Ambassador to turn him into an even deadlier champion. He went through a ritual created by the Ambassador; he was covered in hot oil with the aboleth in his mind not letting him feel the pain in a state of emptiness. Boiled umber hulk hide from 5 umber hulks was put on top of his skin where it set hard on his skin and set tighter with each turn. As the ritial neared its end all but Jestry's eyes, nostrils, ears and mouth was covered in umber hulk hide, the aboleth focused on Jestry to make him survive the pain that was inflicted to him during the ritual. Jestry's scream was deafening and his eyes where more red than white when he was released, Valindra asked him who he was after the ritual and he responded with: "Jestry, Slave of Asmodeus, Champion of Sylora Salm."[1]


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