Jhannas Errlyk was a merchant of Amn and a disgraced member of the Knights of the Shield in 1370 DR.[1]


Jhannas was the head of a family mercantile business in Myratma and a member of the Shadow Thieves, smuggling poisons and other goods for the guild. However, in 1366 DR, the Buckleswashers, a company of halflings acting as Jhannas's agents in Waterdeep, accused him of smuggling. The humiliation forced him to flee the city, abandoning many lucrative business deals and losing his chance to join the Knights.

In time, however, Jhannas regained his status, becoming the second-in-command of the Guild of Fences, Pirates and Smugglers and approached the Knights again. In order to gain Inselm Hhune's favor, Jhannas also betrayed the Shadow Thieves, telling the Knights all he knew about the thieves' business. Meanwhile, he plotted his revenge against Bungobar Talltankard, leader of the Buckleswashers.[1]



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