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Jherek Wolf's-get was the young man famous for playing a major role in defeating Iakhovas during the Twelfth Serôs War.


As a young man, Jherek was leanly built with deeply tanned skin. He had broad shoulders and bore many scars from his job as a sailor. He had sun-bleached brown hair and was always clean-shaven. He preferred to dress in breeches with a loose shirt and boots, typical of many sailors.[1]


Jherek's childhood filled him with insecurity. He was especially insecure in his relationships with women, not truly understanding them. He was friendly with all kinds of people.[1]


Jherek was an accomplished swimmer and frequently used a hook along with his cutlass in battle.[citation needed]


Jherek was the son of the infamous pirate Bloody Falkane the Wolf. One of his first friend was the unique phantom Malorrie.[1][2]


Jherek escaped from his vicious father Falkane and went to Velen when he was only twelve years old. For a time he did all kinds of jobs, even thieving sometimes, until he was hired by the half-elf diviner Madame Iitaar. She helped him find work as a sailor.[1]

In his later life, he became a paladin.[2]





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